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Anne, or as people who know her call her, “Grandmother Storyteller,” welcomes you to read, enjoy, and share your own story with the community as she shares stories and lessons of her own. Not sure what to write? That’s okay; Anne works with you to help you find your own heart’s story. Be sure to check out her writings and lessons or catch one of her “Heart Writing Workshops.” Weather live in person or virtual, she welcomes you with open arms into what she hopes together we can make our community. Please make yourself at home, because you are.

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Anne Murphy (a.k.a. Grandmother Storyteller) has an exuberance for life and the stories that make it our own. She has experienced the joys and pains of being a wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Her second love in life is travel; Anne Murphy has been around the world and back again. Join her as she shares her tales of adventure while helping you to discover your own.

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