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Anne ‘Grandmother Storyteller’ Murphy

Anne ‘Grandmother Storyteller‘ Murphy has an exuberance for life and the stories that make it our own. She has experienced the joys and pains of being a wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Her second love in life is travel; Anne Murphy has been around the world and back again making friends anywhere she roamed. Sharing stories of her life’s exploits along the way quickly garnered her reputation as a great storyteller. If she was sharing one of the escapades she would get herself into on a free floating vacation or just happy stories from her past gifted to her by her children and grandchildren, she shared the stories with the exuberance that made it as if you were there. 

Knowing all of us have our own stories, Anne wanted to help us discover each one for ourselves. Her love of the magic and the mystical lead her to develop her very own “Heart Writing” workshops to unlock those hidden stories deep within our souls.

Having traveled extensively, it is the Spirit of Ireland which has captured her heart. She loves to use the wonderful, playful energy of the Fairy Realm to stimulate your imagination! Recognizing the importance of grandparents, Anne also began to hold workshops to create a “Memory Book” for future generations, so that someday you will be more than a “Picture on the Wall.”

“Grab a notepad and a chair, you’ve been waiting for this”
“We found the pot!”

In addition to story writing, Anne is a certified Hado instructor with Dr. Masuro Emoto using water crystal therapy as a tool for healing and is a member of the Emoto Peace Project for all the children of the world.

When you sit with Anne either in the “Garden” or her “Sanctuary,” you will find peace and come home to yourself. She invites you to join her in sharing your very own “Heart’s Story” and join our community of story sharers. Join her for one of her “Heart Writing” workshops in person or virtually to discover the story inside you. Have a look around the site and community for inspiration for a story of your own or to just brighten your day. You are the LIGHT!

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