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Let the world know the real you

Have you ever noticed how children love to dress up? The love the thrill of pretending to be a princess or a butterfly. What about you? Do you still play make believe? Do People see you for who you are or do they see something different? Often we make the choice, allowing only a select…

Your Heart Writing Story

Your story is the fabric of your soul. Every crisis we have faced has shaped us into the beautiful, strong individuals we are today or hope to become. Writing down our experiences and innermost thoughts leads to a greater understanding of how we feel. You will be guided on a path of personal exploration, bring…

Memory Book Project

A picture on the wall, someday we will each be but a memory. . . . a picture on the wall. Let us help you create your “Memoir” as your gift to your future generations. “What you leave behind is not engraved on a stone monument, it is woven into the lives of others.” Anne…


Safety is in your breathing In and out is the present moment Breath In: “I’m with you” Breath Out: “I’m where I’m supposed to be” How do we heal your Heart?How do we bring Love to our Hearts? Anxiety: We hold our breath. . . . . Run away. . . . . Deny Make…

Heart Writing stories & Lessons
Anne “Grandmother Storyteller” Murphy

Welcome to where I come to share stories and lessons in Heart Writing, and other ways to find your own story.

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