Heart Writing Dialog

Close your eyes. Trust the space made sacred by our intentions. Now take three deep breaths. . . . . Inhale and as you exhale think. . . . . “I release all fear of this inner journey” repeating twice.

Now I’d like you to visualize a long path which stretches before your. It may be a place known to you or it may be new terrain. It may pass through a dark woods or across high mountains. At some point, you see before you an ancient iron gate. The gate is locked and vines over it. You reach deep into your pocket and find a key. The key is large and rather heavy. Place the key into the lock, turning it in complete circle so that the gate swings open. Now take another deep breath releasing any residue of fear and walk through the open gate.

You find yourself in a garden. It might be a rose garden with tranquil pools of water, floating white lotus and gentle Koi fish. . . . . See it. . . . . the flowers are in bloom . . . . the smells intoxicate, causing you to smile. Just ahead lies a house which you recognize as the house of your dreams. You know this house for it is your very SELF! Take a moment. . . . . this is your Healing Place, your Sanctuary. . . . You are home. . . . . Relax. . . . . write the first word that comes to your mind or draw the picture that came to your senses. . . . . Open your heart. . . . . let your story begin.

You may come back anytime. let this healing space be reminder of the things that are most important in your life.

ACCEPTANCE. . . . . PEACE. . . . . LOVE. . . . . SERENITY


Anne Murphy