The Value of Heart Writing

The energy of the universe is continuously spiraling, always in motion, eternal. All life is connected, each living thing, every ounce of effort put forth by you, me and all beings has a far reaching effect. Every event that happens is a universal occurrence with meaning and a lesson behind it.

The challenge for each of us is to take the lesson from the painful experiences and the wisdom they have brought to us and use them to become stronger and more resilient. This is not something that just happens over night. In order for us to fully understand the things that come to pass in our lives, we must realize that all we have now…and we do not have to define ourselves by our wounds nor do we have to allow pain to rule our lives or our hearts. It is truly about perspective, deciding that altho life has thrown us acurve, we can draw on our faith and also the universal healing energy to bring us back to our center…to the LIGHT!

You are made up of all your experiences through many lifetimes, the tears, the losses, the joys , the failure, the successes, and the loves. Each one of these parts must be embraced, accepted, and loved in order for you to reach wholeness and inner peace. This is what makes us human beings. . . . our ability to reason and reflect on our lives and our ability to love. . . especially ourselves.

Heart Writing

Anne ‘Grandmother Storyteller’ Niland Murphy